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Posted on 5th March, 2016



About Me

Posted on 5th March, 2016

My remixing name is G Sweet, I've been mixing/remixing/mashing up music since 1999 on the internet.

Welcome to my website featuring the most recent mash ups coming out from my humble home in Greenwich, London, UK.


My style is to anything and mash it up with anything else, anything goes with a whatever works approach.

I don't claim to be the best but I do take pride in delivering a good decent mash up with the self taught talent I have.


My current taste in music is asian music from Korean, Japan and Malaysia, with a hint of Taiwanese, Thai and Indonesia. I mostly listen to korean music since 2007/8 as the K-Pop scene is a very professional, well polished pop sound with good production and so I mix this type of music.


If you would like to download any of my mixes, i suggest going to soundcloud and downloading from there.


There are also videos available by youtube.


Thank You